Oct 042006

So Thunderbird has kind of gotten the short end of the stick, developer documentation-wise. Admittedly, that’s largely because Firefox is sort of Mozilla’s stand-out product, so it gets all the attention.

I’m starting to work on organizing things to start making what I’m sure will be very gradual progress on Thunderbird developer documentation.

I’ve asked around a bit for information on the most-needed documentation, then took that input and built a very rough outline/to-do list. I’d appreciate any further suggestions anyone might have before I start looking at doing any actual research or writing.

For that matter, if anyone in the know would like to volunteer to write even a rough “engineering doc” style draft of any of the material outlined, I’d be thrilled to help whip it into shape for public consumption.

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  4 Responses to “Thunderbird documentation to-do list”

  1. I’d be happy to help out with some docs. I’ve written a few extensions for Thunderbird and delved into the mail/ and mailnews/ code for other projects. A few topics for consideration … 1) how to get the message account from the header 2) adding message selection listeners 3) changing message headers and tweaking their UI display. The latter has been requested by a few people, and I am not sure it has been answered substantially yet.

  2. Brian — thanks for the suggestions (and the help offer!). I’ve added them to my copy of the to-do list, which I’ll repost periodically to keep it up to date. I’ll move it to a wiki page at some point soon, once I’m a little happier with it.

  3. I would love to see such documentation. I have made a number of aborted attempts to create a thunderbird extension and given up when I failed to find any helpful documentation. Trawling through existing extensions, trying to find an example of what I was attempting to do was just too painful

  4. sheppy, just ping me by email whenever you want some content filled in. I am not sure what your stratgegy is for that yet, or where it will be hosted.

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