Oct 292006

So I’m home from Toronto; FSOSS was a success, and I think my presentation went well. People seemed to respond well to it, at any rate, which is all I can ask for. Supposedly it will be available online at some point, so if you didn’t get to see it in person, you should be able to before long. I’ll try to post a link over to it once it’s online.

If you did see it, I’d appreciate your feedback on it, since I get the impression I’ll be doing other presentations in the future. My wife hopes that means getting to go to interesting places where she can get a ticket and go along too. :)

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  3 Responses to “Conference completed”

  1. Really great presentation, which I attended, and subsequently wrote some notes about at the following URL:


  2. I haven’t seen your talk, so I can’t speak to the specific question you’re posing. But I was very disappointed in how the FSOSS recordings are handled and what I saw in the keynote address. See http://www.digitalcitizen.info/2006/11/02/non-free-media-for-a-free-software-conference-again/ for more.

  3. Well, I’m personally pretty flexible in terms of software license terms (I’m a Mac OS X user and quite happy with it, for instance), so the issues with Divx don’t concern me (except that I happen to prefer QuickTime). :)

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