Nov 262006

We’re on our way home from our trip to Austin for Thanksgiving. It was nice to see all the family again. Sophie did a great job on the trip out; she was happy in the car for the drive to the airport and slept nearly the entire flight.

Unfortunately, we had some sicknesses. Sophie and Uncle Jason both came down with some kind of stomach bug and were not feeling so hot. Sophie has vomited a number of times, and had several episodes of explosively poopy diapers resulting in both shirts and pants needing washing. We eventually had to run a pretty sizable load of laundry.

It also seems that I’ve developed a cold — and a case of what appears to be conjunctivitis, judging from the swollen eyelids and redness around my eye. Bleah.

Anyway, we’ll be home shortly, and hopefully things will settle down. Sophie’s only getting a tiny bit of food today, in hopes of avoiding incidents while traveling. Fingers are crossed and all that.

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Nov 132006

Today was an interesting travel day. The trip from Knoxville to Atlanta was pretty easy. Then I had three hours in Atlanta, which I used to play some World of Warcraft. Boarding for the flight out to San Jose from there was delayed by about 20 minutes.

Once we got on the plane, there was another delay to deal with some kind of mechanical problem. That didn’t take long, but then they had to scramble to do the safety demonstration in person instead of running it on the seat-back entertainment system screens, because the entertainment system was hosed.

That is to say that it was rebooting over and over again. There’s nothing quite like watching 160 or so 9″ seat back screens repeatedly booting up into Linux then resetting themselves. This went on until about 30 minutes into the flight, when they finally settled down.

They did reboot again one more time later in the flight, but since I wasn’t using mine, and was into a book, I didn’t really care.

There was turbulence at least 70% of the time we were in the air. Occasionally quite impressive.

Upon arriving in San Jose, we taxied to the gate only to discover that the motor that makes the jetway move around was broken. So they had to replace it, but the one they got was the wrong kind, apparently, and finally the third actually worked. Took 20 minutes just to start deplaning, all the while the air getting more and more stiflingly hot.


If someone had told me 10 years ago that air travel would actually be significantly worse in 10 years, I’d never have believed it.

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Nov 092006

We’re having an interesting discussion in #extdev at the moment about the state of the documentation, and I just want to remind people of this:

  1. If you go looking for something in the docs and can’t find it, please do something about it! At a minimum, file a bug against the documentation.
  2. Better yet, once you find an answer, or a page on another site that provides information, add a stub page to the documentation with your notes. It doesn’t even have to be real documentation. Just throw whatever information you find onto the page. Others will come along and clean it up and improve on it.

You don’t have to be a writer to help us make the documentation better. You just need to take a few minutes and share your knowledge. A simple, quick and dirty brain dump can lead to the addition of vast amounts of documentation.

The fact is that the hard part is figuring out what needs to be written. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll find that things build up fast.

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Nov 092006

Yesterday I went back to the first articles I wrote when I started at Mozilla last spring and updated them for Firefox 2. That would be my series of articles introducing the fine art of writing extensions for Firefox.

The revised series also includes a new, fifth, article on making an existing Firefox extension run in Thunderbird and Sunbird. Obviously since it’s a pretty simple sample extension, there are details that aren’t covered, but it’s a good start, I think.

The last few days I’ve felt a little overwhelmed, as I start to realize the full scope of just how much work needs to be done. I’m going through material building a series of to-do lists, so I can organize my effort to organize the documentation. There’s plenty of work to be done on that front. Not to mention all the doc work that needs to be done as well.

And of course now there’s the very exciting Tamarin project, which will add additional documentation workload. I’ll be meeting with several folks from Adobe as well as Mozilla next week in order to start to get a grasp on what all I can do to help move Tamarin docs forward.

Boy, do we need another writer. At least one.

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Nov 072006

So I watched “Heroes” last night, and I’m now very much convinced that Niki is in fact going to be a villain, while her ex, the somewhat enigmatic and supposedly bad-guy, is going to wind up being one of the heroes. Very cool.

I certainly can’t see much upside from a good-buy perspective to having a psychotic alter-ego that likes to solve problems through brutal murder.

Sarah and I have been watching our DVDs of the awesome and sadly canceled long before its time Aaron Sorkin series “Sports Night” the last few days. Watching them — and still loving them — I’m realized why, in part, I like “Studio 60” so much. It reminds me immensely of “Sports Night,” which is in my opinion one of the best half-hour television programs ever made.

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Nov 062006

Last night sucked. I had three — count ’em, three — separate nightmares in which I was killed. Not just “died,” but brutally killed. Blech.

In the first, I was suddenly startled “awake” (but not really, just in the dream) by some kind of accident. I distinctly remember “feeling” (you know, how you think you feel things in your dreams) the impact, and my head being crushed, and a warm ooze all over my face and jaw, which was completely mangled. I woke up for real, with a start, when there was a voice saying something to the effect of, “Don’t bother, he’s dead.”

I don’t really remember the second, except that when I woke from that one, I called out to Sarah quietly. She didn’t hear me, and I dozed back off after my heart slowed down to normal.

The third was creepy. I was walking through a building, looking for someone or something. Not searching, just on my way to go pick it up. It was a building with tall ceilings and somewhat narrow hallways, with a lot of shelving. I don’t think it was a library or something like that, but who can tell?

Anyway, I’m walking along when I encounter this crying woman. She had light brown hair, and was maybe 5’6″ or so. I asked her what was wrong, and we chatted for a couple of minutes. Then suddenly she says something that makes me nervous, and the next thing I know, she’s suddenly got an axe in her hands and is swinging away at me, talking about how she likes using human heads as bowling balls. And suddenly some guy’s head rolls by, and I realize that it’s mine, and that she’s cleaved my head off with the axe.

Not a great night for sleeping. Ugh.

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