Nov 092006

Yesterday I went back to the first articles I wrote when I started at Mozilla last spring and updated them for Firefox 2. That would be my series of articles introducing the fine art of writing extensions for Firefox.

The revised series also includes a new, fifth, article on making an existing Firefox extension run in Thunderbird and Sunbird. Obviously since it’s a pretty simple sample extension, there are details that aren’t covered, but it’s a good start, I think.

The last few days I’ve felt a little overwhelmed, as I start to realize the full scope of just how much work needs to be done. I’m going through material building a series of to-do lists, so I can organize my effort to organize the documentation. There’s plenty of work to be done on that front. Not to mention all the doc work that needs to be done as well.

And of course now there’s the very exciting Tamarin project, which will add additional documentation workload. I’ll be meeting with several folks from Adobe as well as Mozilla next week in order to start to get a grasp on what all I can do to help move Tamarin docs forward.

Boy, do we need another writer. At least one.

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