Nov 262006

We’re on our way home from our trip to Austin for Thanksgiving. It was nice to see all the family again. Sophie did a great job on the trip out; she was happy in the car for the drive to the airport and slept nearly the entire flight.

Unfortunately, we had some sicknesses. Sophie and Uncle Jason both came down with some kind of stomach bug and were not feeling so hot. Sophie has vomited a number of times, and had several episodes of explosively poopy diapers resulting in both shirts and pants needing washing. We eventually had to run a pretty sizable load of laundry.

It also seems that I’ve developed a cold — and a case of what appears to be conjunctivitis, judging from the swollen eyelids and redness around my eye. Bleah.

Anyway, we’ll be home shortly, and hopefully things will settle down. Sophie’s only getting a tiny bit of food today, in hopes of avoiding incidents while traveling. Fingers are crossed and all that.

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