Jan 162007

I’ve finally (after years of wanting to have some) got myself a nice set of wireless headphones, so I can listen to tunes and watch videos (and of course play games) at all hours of the night without disturbing anyone else in the family. My mother-in-law gave me the Sennheiser RS-130 headphones for my birthday.

These are pretty darned nice headphones. They’re reasonably comfortable, although believe it or not my neck gets sore wearing them, from not being used to the extra weight. They’re not heavy, but I apparently have wimpy neck muscles.

The sound is fantastic (at least to my non-audiophile grade ears). The range is good, although I don’t get the 100′ range they advertise. I’m sure that’s because I’m using it in a basement where the intervening walls when I move around are made of drywall-covered aluminum framing. Still, I can wander to the laundry room (which is also where I keep my stock of diet soda) without missing a beat, so that’s pretty sweet.

My only actual frustration is the built-in volume leveling technology. Every time my computer makes an alert type of sound (email arrives, error occurs, etc) the volume of my music plummets. That’s not so great.

However, other than that, it’s a very nice set, so far.

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