Jan 172007

I’ve finally started working on all the XPCOM related documentation I’ve been meaning to work on for the past couple of months. That is to say, I’m working on getting my environment properly set up so I can build and test out some XPCOM components.

This is taking more work than I expected. The first step is to have a copy of the Gecko SDK, which is not currently provided in Intel Mac form, so I’m trying to build it myself. The instructions say to build XULRunner to get the SDK, but XULRunner currently won’t build for me, producing the following error:

/usr/bin/libtool: file: ChangeCSSInlineStyleTxn.o is not an object file (not allowed in a library)

I have no idea why that’s happening. However, it appears that the Gecko SDK has built successfully, so I’m moving on from there.

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  3 Responses to “Sheppy, meet XPCOM. XPCOM, please be gentle.”

  1. OK, the JavaScript XPCOM component article’s sample code works fine when produced using the Gecko SDK I compiled. Tomorrow I’ll be starting to go through the C++ XPCOM documentation and make sure it’s all in proper working order, including ensuring the samples work. If they don’t, I’ll fix them.

  2. I wouldn’t totally suggest to use an SDK for starting to hack on xpcom, I’d rather use a regular firefox build, likely a debug one. The SDK itself is something that Benjamin has been working on on and off, but I don’t think he’s done with it.

    Oh, and XPCOM has no “gentle”, just nsresults.

  3. Don’t you need the SDK to have the tools to build the xpt files?

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