Jan 192007

So we finally finished watching the first four hours of season six of “24” last night. We’ve got mixed feelings on this season so far. Highlight the text below to read what I think, since it contains spoilers.

While it’s exciting, it’s the most unrealistic season to date. The president of the United States would never really offer to hand over dozens of prisoners in exchange for a “maybe we won’t blow any more people up” offer.

Additionally, Jack, while a true post-9/11 Superman, is comporting himself remarkably well for a guy that just spent two years being tortured. Sure he’s a little panicky and slow on the trigger, and sure he barfed after the surprising shooting at the end of the fourth hour. But still, he’s not a gibbering idiot, either.

I don’t get Wayne Palmer as President of the United States. It’s totally unbelievable. He’s just not personable enough to get elected, and has always had this subtle touch of a shady side. I suppose he might have gotten elected on a “You liked my brother, so you’ll like me” platform though.

And while some people will disagree with me (often vehemently) the extreme reaction to the Muslim community that’s taking place in the show is unrealistic to me. I think in this day and age the majority of people are better than that. I also don’t really believe the mad extremes to which the administration is going on the show are realistic. This, too, some people will argue with me on (and some people will say it’s already nearly that bad, which I disagree with, although I do have some qualms with how things are being done).

I’m pleased to see the head of the Islamic organization appearing to be a genuinely good guy. I’m less pleased to see the kid across the street turning out to be a terrorist. While it’s a good little plot twist from a story perspective, it’s a little clichéd, as well. It would have been more interesting if the pasty white guy had been a terrorist.

Sadly, given today’s climate, that would have been a lot less believable.

I will say that given the previews for next week’s show, and “24”‘s history of having layers upon layers of conspiracy, I wager that we’ll see someone else pulling the strings, and that this turns out not to be about jihad at all, but about some pasty white guy that doesn’t like the status quo.

That would be all right with me. While I think that entertainment is entertainment and needs not to be taken so seriously, I do understand how frustrating it must be for Muslims to have so few (if any) positive role models on television.

How about a cool Muslim agent at CTU? That’d be awesome and would make for some potentially interesting storylines.

Anyway, all that said, I enjoy “24” — I just think that so far this season has pushed my ability to suspend disbelief beyond the breaking point.

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