Jan 222007

I’ve decided that it’s finally time to fish or cut bait on the old documentation site. Developer documentation and articles located on the old doc site need to be migrated or deleted. So much of that content is obsolete and misleading, and having it sitting around is only serving to confuse people.

So one of my goals for the next couple of months is to get this content moved to the MDC wiki where appropriate and deleted where not.

The biggest problem with the old documentation hanging around is that people often find that instead of the more current material on MDC — or, worse, they find that and try to make use of it instead of complaining that docs are missing from MDC. So this is a problem in more ways than one.

If anyone would like to help get this transition done and over with, that’d be a big help!

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  2 Responses to “Fish or cut bait”

  1. Does this include the Tinderstatus tutorial? I’ve often seen people trying (unsuccessfully) to learn extension development from that page even though its aimed at the old Mozilla Suite and not too relevant to modern Firefox (e.g. it was written before the extension manager/new chrome system and still uses install.js and contents.rdf). On the other hand I think it’s still relevant to Seamonkey extension development (until the toolkit version of Seamonkey is finished).


  2. Yes, it would include that.

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