Jan 232007

I’ve picked up moving the NSPR Reference to MDC. So far, the chapters on Interval Timing and Date and Time have been moved, and I’ll be on to the next one shortly. Please feel free to give them a look and make sure everything looks copacetic.

I found a couple of errors here and there while doing the migration, and fixed those while I was at it (primarily cases where data types had unnecessary underscores in their names, such as using PR_ExplodedTime instead of PRExplodedTime.

This is the beginning of my effort to finish migrating the useful content off the old doc web site so we can throw away the obsolete cruft.

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  2 Responses to “NSPR Reference migration resumes”

  1. what is NSPR

    please explain acronyms when first using them

  2. Sorry… since it was the title of a reference document, I didn’t explain the abbreviation’s meaning. I believe it’s short for “Netscape Portable Runtime.”

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