Jan 262007

Now that Gecko 1.9 has entered alpha, it’s time for the documentation effort to turn its attention in the general direction of it and its companion in arms, Firefox 3.

There’s already a great start at setting up the beginnings of a documentation effort, courtesy of the folks working on the code (for which, by the way, you guys totally rock). Lots of work to be done still, but just having the framework already starting to come together puts warm feelings into my heart.

If you’re aware of something that needs to be (or will need to be) documented for Gecko 1.9 or Firefox 3, please make sure it’s listed on the Firefox 3 for developers page, and I’ll make sure it gets written up. Let’s make sure Firefox 3 is as well-documented as Firefox 2 was, hopefully while continuing to improve the existing documentation as well!

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