Feb 072007

I’ve started migrating the material contained in Johnny Stenback’s “Scripting Plugins in Mozilla” document from the old doc site to the MDC wiki. It’s not done yet, and I’ll be working on it for at least the rest of today and probably a bit tomorrow as well.

The most comlicated part to doing migrations like this is making sure you get the document properly converted to our new styles, formatting, and so forth. That includes both making sure that all references to code and variable names and the like are in code blocks, as well as to be sure that functions are documented on separate pages instead of all on one page, which was often the case in the old documentation.

Migrating docs is certainly not difficult, though. It just takes a little bit of attention to detail.

In related news, the request for an intern to help work on the migration work has started to percolate its way upward.

My personal goal for the migration work is to get all the developer documentation from http://www.mozilla.org migrated or deleted as appropriate based on whether or not that content is actually still viable, all by the end of 2007.

That will only happen with help, though, since a major focus of my attention for most of this year will of course be Firefox 3 documentation. There are also other pulls at my time, some of them I will be blogging about very soon, once I finish collecting my thoughts a bit more.

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