Feb 082007

I’ve finished migrating the plugin scripting documentation into MDC. It’s had a few fixes applied during the migation, and should be in pretty good shape. Obviously I’d appreciate it if anyone would like to look it over and fix anything I missed (or even just let me know about any concerns).

One down, a few gajillion more documents to migrate!

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  1. First off, sorry that I post this here instead of just fixing it myself, I’m afraid I won’t have the time and energy to fix it in the near time (there are lots of pages you created!)

    Second, I think announcements like this should be posted to dev-mdc, which is the group interested people are supposed to read. It would also make it easier to post feedback and track replies.

    Now to the reference:

    1. I wonder why did you classify the data types and enumerations like http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/NPVariantType as “Plug-in side API” (which is defined as “methods implemented by the plugin and called by the browser).

    I think a page similar to http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Gecko_Plugin_API_Reference:Plug-in_Side_Plug-in_API should be created, for npruntime extensions and all the extensions should be clearly marked as such. This page would link to all the new pages you created that are part of npruntime. Perhaps the necessary links could be added to http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Scripting_plugins (and to the main page in the appropriate section).

    Right now, some of the pages you added are not linked from any “contents” page, making them really hard to find.

    2. The way you format pages makes an empty space appear right after the title:

    I use this instead:

    ” NPN_IntFromIdentifier”

    3. The Scripting plugins page (and possibly other pages you added) is missing a PrevNext template.

    Please ping me via irc/e-mail if you reply to this.


  2. Did you get my other comment? I hate blog software…

  3. Yeah, I was so busy getting content migrated I did a pretty slipshod job of getting the organizational tidbits taken care of. I’ll go through them today and clean things up.

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