Mar 072007

Plans are finalizing to finally begin upgrading the Mozilla Developer Center to the latest version of MediaWiki; we’re still running the rather badly obsolete version 1.5.3. This upgrade has been a long time coming, and was in fact attempted once before with rather unfortunate consequences.

That was a learning experience, and we’re planning ahead to be sure things to more smoothly this time.

One of the things we’ll be doing in concert with the MediaWiki upgrade is replacing our breadcrumbs system with a new one that will be easier to use, easier to maintain, and easier to upgrade going forward. I expect that our breadcrumbs will be broken for a while immediately following the MediaWiki upgrade while we work on putting the replacement system into effect, but once that’s done, things should be in much better shape.

We should also be installing some handy MediaWiki extensions (in particular StringFunctions and ParserFunctions) to enable more powerful templates. We’ll be able to do some very snazzy stuff once this is all done, but there may be some oddness during the interim.

I can’t yet give a guess as to when the work will begin, but I’m hoping to make it happen very soon. I’ll blog more as the schedule starts to firm up.

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