Mar 092007

I spent some time this afternoon comparing our current install of MediaWiki (actually 1.5.6, despite my previous claim we were running 1.5.3) to a stock build of MediaWiki 1.5.6, in order to determine what customizations we’ve made.

There are a few of them, although they’re mostly quite simple. Several were minor edits that apparently got undone because they’re just comments that have been moved or rephrased. About half of the rest are layout tweaks that we may or may not need to reapply depending on what things look like after we get underway with the work.

The rest are database tweaks we made to support single-signon across all of the languages MDC supports. There is some information on the MediaWiki site that indicates that this capability is now part of MediaWiki, in which case we won’t have to reapply those patches ourselves. We’ll know for sure whether or not it does what we need after we install and start testing the upgrade.

We will also most likely have to update the skin, which we all expect will break with the update.

A ticket has been filed with IT to get a copy of MW 1.9 installed, and our MDC databases migrated, so that work can commence on the patches and customizations.

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  1. I wonder what the Mozilla Wiki runs on. That looks much more like an ancient version of MW than devmo but I may be wrong.

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