Mar 132007

oremj did a bang-up job and we’ve already got what appears to be a fully functional copy of MDC running on the staging server, now happily perking along in MediaWiki 1.9.3. He even updated all our extensions (including our old breadcrumbs!) to run on MW 1.9.3.

Please note that the links in the sidebar to the various languages take you to the deployed version of the wiki, rather than to the staging server version, so watch out for that while you browse about.

We could use some serious pounding on it, including adding and editing stories, to make sure nothing’s broken.

Once the additional extensions we need are installed, I’ll begin working on our new breadcrumbs implementation, among other things. There are several nifty new templates I have in mind that will make various things much nicer, so I want to do some experimenting.

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  7 Responses to “On stage: Updated MDC (step 1 of n)”

  1. I see you still haven’t fixed what I imagine is the insanely simple bug which means search is broken in any browser that doesn’t like stupidly broken html pages. Please god fix this, it’s making my life as an extension developer and supporter that much more difficult.

  2. We’re working toward it. We have a number of bugs on Nutch that need to be addressed. We’ll get them done as soon as we can.

  3. Shouldn’t you have used as the link to the staging server? :)

  4. Fixed. This time I copy and pasted the link but from the wrong window. :)

  5. Ah then I can’t tell if search pagination is fixed in the new version, since searching appears to be totally broken on the staging server.

    Also sheppy, if its manpower thats the problem with resolving that bug then you’ll note that I volunteered to fix it given a pointer in the right direction.

  6. what do you think to install and test new skin ( on -stage?

  7. I plan to install and test the new skin soon, but not until a few other things are done first.

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