Mar 162007

So my work on the MDC upgrades has been stymied today by the tummy bug that my daughter has. It’s prevented any real work from getting done, largely through the lack of sleep induced by a sick child. I’ve spent much of today trying to catch up on sleep.

The ParserFunctions and StringFunctions extensions are now up and running on the staging server. The RDF extension is a work in progress, as it requires some PHP stuff to be installed as well.

However, I don’t need the RDF stuff for some of the templates I’m going to be working on, so I’ll probably tackle those this evening or so. However, breadcrumbs work does need the RDF extension, so that’s on hold until that’s all up and running.

On a totally unrelated note, looks like one of the recent WordPress updates slightly broke the theme I use on my blog here; the blogroll stuff has quit working correctly. I’ll see if I can hack up a fix if I can figure out why it’s not working right. While I’m at it I’ll be looking at adjusting some of the things people have pointed out about the commenting form.

This particular theme is no longer being maintained, but I like it too much to go looking for another one, so I’ll see if I can do updates to it on my own henceforth. We’ll see how my patience for that holds up.

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