Mar 172007

I’ve put together the first two nifty new templates that will let us do some whiz-bang stuff in our documentation once we make our upgraded MDC site live.

These are fx_minversion_header and fx_minversion_inline. They insert noticeable banners or badges that indicate that a feature requires a specific version of Firefox or later. The cool part is that they automatically detect the presence of an article named “Firefox X for developers”, where “X” is the minimum version specified when using the template, and if a page by that name exists, a link is created so you can quickly get to that page from the badge.

There will be a number of great new templates taking advantage of the new ability to use conditionals in the templates soon; these two, however, will be exceptionally useful, especially as we work toward unifying some of our documentation.

There will be similar templates for JavaScript and Gecko as well, so that, for example, we can create one JavaScript reference, with features tagged as appropriate based on which version of JavaScript they were introduced in, so that people don’t have to read four or more references to find the information they want. Right now, we have a core JavaScript reference, that covers JavaScript 1.5, then you have to look at “new in” articles for the features that changed or were added in later versions of the language.

I’m hoping to get the RDF stuff up and running early in the week so I can start working on the new breadcrumb system.

So far there haven’t been any problems noticed in our staging version of the MDC wiki, although I don’t know yet if anyone else is thumping on it.

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