Mar 202007

The last few days, working on MDC infrastructure stuff instead of primarily documentation writing and editing, has been a nice change of pace. I love to write, but I do also enjoy coding and other nitty-gritty work, so it’s fun to shift gears and work on this backend stuff for a while.

The RDF and RAP stuff needed for the breadcrumb system we’re looking at implementing is all set up now, but after further research, it turns out WikiTravel does in fact have a MediaWiki extension that turns the RDF into the actual breadcrumbs. Which makes sense, in retrospect. I’m in communication with the guys there and should have a copy of the extension soon. Hopefully we can all work together on maintaining and improving it going forward.

I put together the templates for tagging articles and items as being specific to particular versions of JavaScript, which will come in handy for some upcoming work on the JavaScript documentation. Also, I’ve identified the CSS changes that need to be made to the skin to deal with some changes in MediaWiki 1.9.3 that cause minor but slightly annoying quirks in the appearance of our documentation. I’ve got a request in to get edit access to the appropriate files so I can make the needed changes.

I’m also talking to sancus about getting nutch re-applied to the upgraded MDC, and about getting some bugs fixed there.

All in all, things are moving along nicely!

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  2 Responses to “A change of pace is so… cleansing!”

  1. The mention of RDF sends shivers of fear and stabbing pains through me. Nothing is so complicated that RDF is the answer.

  2. Yeah. Well, we’ll see how it goes. Not committed to anything yet, but if we can adapt someone else’s hard work to serve our needs without gouging our brains out with a spoon, I’m all for it.

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