Mar 302007

I joined Shaver, Finkle, David Humphrey, and others for breakfast this morning, and now I’m hanging out waiting for the scheduled events to begin this morning. I’m admittedly more looking forward to the more fluid afternoon breakout sessions, but I expect I’ll get something interesting out of the whole day.

There doesn’t appear to be anywhere to obtain caffeine in the cold bubbly form I prefer. I’m a little concerned about this. It’s a good thing I drank a good bit of it at breakfast, but I do worry about the course of the day sans caffeine.

Between Shaver and Finkle, this thing looks like it’s been set up to run like a well-oiled machine. They’ve both been wandering around making sure things are all rigged up properly.

I’ve staked out my traditional back row spot; I like the back for the following reasons:

  • I can judge how others are enjoying the event by watching reactions.
  • I’m tall, and the tables at these events are always too close together, so I typically knock things over trying to stand up if I’m not in the back.
  • I tend to get up to stretch, or to visit the bathroom, more often than the average person, so why have to wander in front of people all the time?
  • I have a voice that carries, so I don’t need to be up close to ask the presenter a question (or, more frequently, to give them a hard time).

They have tons of cool “don’t hurt the web” posters here. I need to get one or two and a tube to take them safely home in. One of those would go nicely in my office along with my iMac “Yum” poster.

On the MDC front, I continue to await replies to certain queries sent along to the developers at wikitravel. I’ll ping them again if I haven’t heard from them by the time I get home from this trip.

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