Apr 092007

In about an hour, we head for the airport to send me on my way to California for the MoCo Q1 onsite meeting. In theory the developer relations team is getting together to meet over breakfast tomorrow or Wednesday, but realistically I know that we have a history of not managing to pull it off. Shaver’s a popular guy (or at least has a lot of demands on his time), so getting everyone together in one place to actually discuss things is tricky.

Once again, the meeting has been scheduled at a time that I have to leave early — I’ll be heading home Thursday morning. Our season tickets for the theater have just happened to coincide with the past three of these quarterly onsite meetings. Sure not interested in skipping it after spending all that money to buy the tickets. :)

Today I fly through Atlanta. As they say down here, “If you’re flying Delta, the road to hell goes through Atlanta.” I get to spend a couple of hours there to chill out, but would prefer if it were somewhere more mid-journey. Oh well…

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