Apr 102007

This morning while waiting for other devrel team members to congregate in the lobby of the hotel for our run out for a breakfast meeting, Sarah called me on my cell phone. Apparently Sophie (my daughter) had been asking for me all morning. So we had a very sweet (if brief) chat on the phone, the gist of which follows:

“Hi Daddy!”

“Hi Sophie!”

“Hi Ma-Daddy!”

“What are you doing today, Sophie?”


“I love you, Sophie!”

And with that she was off to wander around the house some more.

Good start to the day!

We had a good planning discussion at breakfast and have a pretty good plan for Q2. The main focus points for devrel, goals-wise, look to be FUEL, the MDC upgrade, and a couple of developer days in June. You’ll hear more about our plans for Q2 soon, I promise!

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  1. Heh, I’ve had that EXACT same conversation with my daughter Sophi. :)

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