Apr 112007

So the plan we came up with to do a lovely all-at-once upgrade of MDC was thrown in the trash today as a result of the bot attacks vandalizing the site the last couple of days. We now plan to upgrade to MediaWiki 1.9.3 as soon as possible, hopefully late this week or early next (that’s a hope, not a promise or even an educated guess).

Since we had to shut off new account creation on the wiki to stem the flow of vandalism, getting the site upgraded so we can enable bot-catching features (which aren’t available for the MediaWiki we run presently) has taken on a frustrating degree of urgency.

Beyond what’s been done so far, we will be installing Nutch onto it, getting it hooked in as appropriate (go, Sancus, go!), and letting it do an indexing pass so we can test to be sure everything seems to work. Then in theory we’ll be ready to throw the switch.

After that, then we can work on the other upgrade tasks that we want and need to do.

It’s all quite frustrating. Vandals really tick me off.

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