Apr 172007

Sarah’s iMac is up and running again and now I’m in the process of reinstalling all her software. I’m not sure yet when the enclosure so we can try to recover some of her data will be here, but hopefully it’ll be here soon enough. We have to return the original drive within 10 days or they charge us for the replacement.

I’ve got the basic productivity type apps reinstalled: Microsoft Office, iWork, iLife, that kind of thing. I’ve got Firefox installed and her bookmarks are all happily synced up. Her email is working.

Still need to get her favorite games reinstalled, plus fonts and assorted other apps and utilities. And I need to get it configured to do backups, because right after a scare like this is the best time to configure to do backups (well, before it is better, but it’s a lot less common).

I’ve got a few more hours worth of installing and configuring to go through. It’s all kinds of good fun.

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