Apr 262007

The new breadcrumb code for our updated MediaWiki is finally starting to make some real headway. I’ve figured out why it’s not working in certain cases and a fix is in the works. Turns out there was a flaw in my main test case that was making things look worse than they really were.

Sancus has gotten the Nutch pretty much done now. Last I talked to him, he was going to integrate it into our newer, alternative “mdc” skin, which some people (myself included) like to use. Once that’s done and some more testing is done, we should be ready to roll out the update, which should let us re-enable new user signups for editing the wiki.

My parents are arriving from California tonight to spend a long weekend here visiting their granddaughter. Should be a lot of fun — especially for them! She’s changed a lot since they last saw her.

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