Apr 282007

asqueella did everyone a favor and tweaked the breadcrumbs’ subof template to work without modification in any localization of the MDC wiki. Way to go!

We’re going to hold off on switching to the new breadcrumbs until after we get the MediaWiki 1.9.3 upgrade deployed, though, so that we can make sure that critical upgrade goes smoothly before we mess with the breadcrumbs.

We hope to throw the switch early this coming week, so please help us test the upgraded MDC wiki on the staging server! Make whatever changes you like there — they’ll be thrown out when we throw the switch, so please test everything you can.

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  6 Responses to “Breadcrumbs improved”

  1. Shouldn’t it be developer-stage.mozilla.org instead of developer.mozilla.org link? ;)

  2. Are there any plans to publish this breadcrumbs plugin? It sounds interesting, and may be useful to others…

  3. I get that link wrong in some way every single time I post it. Thanks diablownik, fixed now.

    Jens, the breadcrumbs plugin will be in our SVN repository. It’s actually a very slightly modified version of one already available from wikitravel.org (theirs you have to request the code for by email).

    The only real customizations to ours are to tweak the look of the breadcrumbs to match our old breadcrumbs.

  4. Oh, another thing we’re going to do before we roll out the new breadcrumbs is to try to make it so you don’t have to encode the parent article’s name with underscores instead of spaces like you do presently.

  5. have you finded the way to imprement t-o in this new breadcrums?

  6. We’ve actually figured out a way to do title override; I’ll be working on that soon, but not until after we roll out the MediaWiki 1.9.3 upgrade, which is more urgent than the new breadcrumbs.

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