May 072007

On October 6th of last year, I blogged about the gas leak coming from under the ground across the street from our house, that the local gas company had at that time ignored for well over a year.

On Friday, a couple of their trucks were across the street. They left after a while, having spray painted some stripes here and there.

My question is: are they actually planning to fix the leak, or were they just trying to get our hopes up.

It continues to astound me how long it’s taking to fix this. The stench of leaking gas is nearly overpowering at times. It’s been getting gradually but steadily worse for the past several months. There are days when I’m a little afraid to start my car for fear of blowing something up. It’s completely ludicrous.

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  2 Responses to “Gas leak? So what!”

  1. Where do you live, and did it ever get fixed? that is a very dangerous situation, both for health reasons, and obviously for any kind of explosion. I have been exposed to gas leaks all winter long where i work, and my health has steadily been going down hill– stomach aches, headaches, sore throats, skin rashes- you said you had kids?? please make sure you get this taken care of before someone gets really sick like me.

  2. The gas company came out and fixed it a couple of weeks after this post. I think it’s a coincidence. Hope you get your problems taken care of!

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