May 102007

Turns out that our upgrade did have a few minor quirks pop up, which we’re actively working on getting fixed. The first to be fixed is that the edit toolbar was missing in the Devmo and new MDC skins. Now they’re back.

There are bugs filed for redirect pages not automatically redirecting, and for HTML in templates being shown raw instead of rendering properly. I don’t have a guess yet on when those will be fixed.

In addition, the edit section links are now back on the right side of the page, and are sized more appropriately now.

I’m still finding out about cool stuff we got for “free” with the MediaWiki upgrade, including some improved controls for blocking users (handy for coping with spammers).

MediaWiki 1.10 was released today. We won’t be installing this upgrade immediately, but should be doing it soon. We’re in the final stages of setting things up so we can do a much better job of keeping up with MediaWiki updates.

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  One Response to “MDC upgrade progress continues”

  1. Haha, that’s hilarious that 1.10 got released today.

    But anyway, this is totally awesome. I think I need to go rip out named-source now that its functionality can be added to the source template, among other things now possible with more flexible templates. :-)

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