May 112007

I added a History link to the top tab-bar when using the new “mdc” skin. This makes doing copy edit work much easier, since you don’t have to scroll to the bottom anymore to check the history on an article. For now, we’re keeping “Devmo” as the default skin since we plan to do a new reskinning effort to blend in with the rest of the Mozilla web site once we have some design resources (in particular, the new logos we’ve got in queue).

The “mdc” skin is nice because there’s no sidebar, so you have more room to work when reading end editing the content. You can try it out by logging into MDC and clicking the “My Preferences” link at the top of the page, then choosing “mdc” in the Skin panel.

I’ll be attending the Paris developer day on June 23rd, and will be hosting a discussion about localizing the Mozilla Developer Center. One of the biggest items on my plate is working out ways for the localization teams to work better together, and I’m hoping to meet up with some of our contributors while I’m in Paris. Hopefully we can hash out some great ideas for improving our ability to collaborate!

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