May 152007

So my iMac has been acting funny for a couple of weeks. Nothing way serious, except that iCal has been crashing a lot lately. A couple of days ago, the preferences for a few of my apps disappeared. I ran file and folder scans and found no serious problems.

This morning, the preferences went away again, so I looked through some log files and found that a lot of my background processes (mdimport, SystemUIServer, etc) are crashing constantly, and the Mozy backup client is spewing I/O errors into the console log.

Those are bad, bad signs. So TechTool Pro is now running an intensive scan of the hard drive.

I’m not sure which I’m hoping for: to find serious hard errors on the drive (a major productivity hit but an actual solvable problem) or no serious problems (meaning I’ve got no clue what’s wrong). Ugh.

So work will be a little slow in getting done today. I’ll see what I can do.

This week I’ll be drafting the first pass of the Firefox 3 documentation plan, and am going to begin hitting up people to contribute documents starting this week or next. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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