May 162007

Every once in a while, you do something that leaves your computer a quivering slag of goo.

After running every disk and hardware testing utility I have, I’ve come to the conclusion that the problem with my iMac is, well, me.

I tend to install lots of beta software to play with, and I suspect something bit me. Files are vanishing more or less at random (today my keychain went bye-bye, among others).

Time to reinstall Mac OS X and start with a clean slate of applications.

Fortunately, I’ve done a much, much better job of maintaining decent backups the last few months, so the downtime should be relatively minimal.

Once I get the installs going, I’ll be on my laptop working for the rest of the day, with periodic runs to the iMac to swap disks around and start up another installer.

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  3 Responses to “The downside to being an early adopter/bleeding edge type”

  1. Have you tried SpinRite?

  2. Thankfully the Mac has to distinct advantages. The unix underpinnings allow me to use rsync for quick and dirty backups and the archive and reinstall options nicely keeps all of your settings and user files intact when doing a re-install.

    You could also try the “Apple hardware test” in loop mode overnight to see if there is a random hardware malfunction that’s screwing you up. Boot up with install disk 1 and hold down the “d” key… crtl-l ( or was it apple-l ) enables looping, check extended test, and leave running overnight.

  3. Yeah, that’s true. I have great backups. I ran a very large number of test utilities, and they all say everything’s fine, so I’m pretty sure it’s a software issue.

    At any rate, I’m nearly entirely back up and running now, safe a scant handful of apps I’ve not reinstalled yet.

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