May 232007

I’ve posted the initial documentation plan working page on the Mozilla wiki. It’s not yet a real documentation plan; rather, it’s a table listing the various topics that need covering, who has expressed an interest in leading the writing effort on each topic, and space for notes and estimates on the amount of time each topic will take to complete.

Please feel free to review the list, make corrections if any are needed, add references to specifications or bugs where appropriate (and not already there), and so forth. Also, if you know a lot about a subject, please feel free to stake a claim to a topic by adding your name to the “lead writer” column, and place in the “est. person-hours” column a guess as to how many hours of work will be involved in writing that content.

In addition, if you are — or know who is — the #1 best person to talk to about a given subject, add their name to the notes column.

Getting this information all sorted out and in one place will make it much easier to avoid missing anything as we proceed into the real writing phase for Firefox 3 documentation.

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