May 292007

We’re starting to seriously ramp up our efforts to prepare for Firefox 3, with the goal being to have the most crucial documents in useful (if not complete) form in time to allow web and extension developers to be ready for Firefox 3 by the release of beta 1 (currently scheduled for mid-July or so).

Presently, the documents we’re going to be prioritizing are focused around Places and the updated Password Manager.  We’d like to hear input as to other topics that may be of critical importance; in particular, anything that has changed that may break existing extensions or web sites.  These are the things that most need to be documented in order for people that hope to start using Firefox 3 extensively as the beta period begins to be able to do so comfortably.

Also, we’ll be launching start pages for web developers as well as extension developers very soon (within the next week or two); these pages will provide one-stop shopping (so to speak) for developers that want to be ready for Firefox 3.  With schedule information, links to articles providing information on updating to ensure Firefox 3 support, and so forth, we hope these will make the transition even smoother than our Firefox 1.5 to Firefox 2 transition went.

If you have thoughts about ways MDC can make the transition better, please let me know!

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