May 292007

Got most of my web site type stuff back up and running again now.  Not everything, but most of it.  Email is now being received on the new host, but I’ve not reconfigured my mail software to actually pull from there yet because, well… dunno.  Just didn’t feel like dealing with it over the holiday weekend, I guess.

Today I’ll get that done, and I think I’ll get back to work on MDC back-end stuff that needs working on.  However, I’ve got this niggling feeling in the back of my brain that I’m forgetting something else that more urgently needs to be worked on, so by the time I’m actually done with my morning daddy-daughter time I may have totally different plans for the work day.

MDC was struck by another round of bot attacks over the weekend, but thanks to some of our most excellent European MDC folks (thanks, Ptak82 in particular!), things were cleaned up — mostly before I was even at my desk to notice it had happened.

Turns out the “turn on email confirmation for new user signups” step of our MediaWiki upgrade didn’t get done.  Oops.  Now it has been, so hopefully we’ll be bot-nonsense free at least for a while.

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