Jun 102007

So I installed the Parallels 3 update on my iMac yesterday.  Let it update my Windows XP VM, because, like a moron noob, I opted against backing up my VM before starting this process.

Have yet to actually successfully run Windows XP on Parallels 3 since then.  Crashes 100% of the time during or immediately after startup.   And of course the updated VM won’t work in Parallels 2.5, so even though I’ve reinstalled 2.5, I’m now having to install and set up a new VM from scratch.

As I write this post, XP is rebooting after installing its second batch of updates.  I’m not sure how many more there will be.  Then I can start installing the apps I need on it.


It’s the first time a Parallels update (including betas) hasn’t worked flawlessly for me.  Frustrating.

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