Jun 192007

I had a dream last night in which I was one of the first people to get an iPhone.  Apparently before the general release.  In the dream, I was quite the envy of everyone around me.

It was gloriously thin, everyone was excited about it, it had my name and some pithy slogan engraved in the back (like they do on iPods).  I was quite surprised to find that I even had network connectivity (including on the cellular network), despite the fact that I’m a Sprint customer and didn’t have the phone entirely through legitimate channels.  I’m a little fuzzy on that last point, but whatever.

Oddly (as is wont to happen in dreams), I didn’t find it at all strange that my iPhone had an awful lot of buttons on it, both on the front and the back, and that there was no on-screen keyboard.  I also didn’t find it at all odd that the web browser was beautiful but only worked on sites using HTML 3 era technology.  Not to mention that it had a totally different user interface than the iPhone we’ve seen demonstrated — and, on top of that, that most apps were black and white (think 1982 Game & Watch sort of display).

Despite all that, people crowded around to get a look, oohing and aahing over it.

It’s all the more ironic since I have no plans to get one — at least not until there are three changes made:

  1. 3G wireless
  2. Ability to use it as a modem for my laptop
  3. Real third-party application support

Despite the fact that I work for one of the world’s great promoters of awesome web applications, not being able to install offline applications onto the iPhone is crazy, given the obvious system software power behind the device.

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