Jun 202007

According to the current schedule,  Firefox 3 is slated to reach beta 1 on July 31.  That’s six weeks from now.  Currently we’re doing pretty well toward reaching our goal of having a minimum set of documentation available for Firefox 3 when the beta launches.

We’ve now got documentation on the Login Manager, which I’ve blogged about previously.  The other major topic that I feel absolutely must be blogged about in advance of the beta is (as I’ve also blogged about previously) Places.  That’s a pretty large topic, and there’s some material already on MDC, although it needs some reorganizing and formatting help.  If anyone would like to tackle that cleanup work, that would be a fantastic help!

I’ll be doing some traveling during July, which will eat into my availability to work on these docs — however, I’ll be poking at it even while I’m on the road, and I’m confident that with the help of our awesome contributors, we’ll have a good starting set of documentation in time for the beta.

The Developer Relations group is gearing up for our campaign to poke extension authors to begin updating their extensions for Firefox 3, and the writers’ job is to make sure that they have the resources necessary to learn how to do it.  Let’s get it on!

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