Jun 222007

Before I start, let me just preface this post by saying that although it sounds like I’m complaining a lot, I don’t really mean it that way.  A lot of the time, when I try to share my thoughts on things, it sounds like I’m complaining when I don’t really mean it that way.  I’m just… explaining how I feel about things.  Complaining, to my mind, is when you whine endlessly about something and expect something to come of it.


Flight to Paris went smoothly (despite the fact that the WiFi service was not working during my 6-hour layover in Houston — ugh).  Things went somewhat less smoothly after that; by about an hour before landing, it became quite clear that I have caught my daughter’s cold, so I’ll be in awesome form for this event tomorrow — not to mention my flight home on Sunday.

The bus from the airport to the hotel blew its front left tire before we even got out of the airport complex.  They had us get off the bus, then brought in a second bus.  We piled aboard, and off we went.

I dozed off on the bus for a while, and was awakened by the sound of the engine revving and fading over and over again.  Apparently the transmission croaked.  So we had to get off that bus and onto a third.  Awesome.

I had intended to do some sightseeing this afternoon, but between the cold, which by the time we hiked to the hotel was starting to get quite icky, and the repeated bursts of very substantial rain, it didn’t seem prudent at all.  Sigh.

Now I’m checking a few things online before I head downstairs to meet the others for dinner.  I’m a little nervous about dinner.  I’m not a fancy dining type of guy, and the meals we tend to have at these events are almost always way past my “fancy threshold” and wind up somewhere in the realm of unappetizing.  That’s not so much a complaint about the food (which I’m sure is excellent) as a regret that I’m just not wired to enjoy it.

Occasionally I’m surprised by these dinners, but not often.

The hotel is about what I expected.  It’s a smallish room with furnishings that are also smallish.  The two twin beds shoved up next to each other is a nice touch.  But the mattresses are comfortable, so I should sleep all right.

The desk is wicker, which will make using my mouse on it tricky to say the least.

There’s no Kleenex in the room.  This is going to be a significant problem, I think…

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