Jun 232007

I’m sitting in the nice auditorium here at Club Confair waiting for things to get roling.  Got a pretty good night’s sleep (about 9 hours’ worth of it), but woke up this morning feeling quite unwell due to my cold.  My voice is teetering on the brink of giving out, which could make certain things tricky today.

Dinner last night was better than I’d been afraid it might be.  I had lamb for the first time, and it wasn’t bad at all.  Not really my cup of tea, but it was surprisingly tasty.  The bread was of course fantastic.

My plan for today is basically to medicate the best I can with Sudafed and Tylenol as needed.  I have one dose of DayQuil I’m going to take in the morning to get me to the airport.  Once I get on the plane, I’ll take NyQuil and hopefully manage to sleep a little on the way home.  We’ll see.

I’m still looking forward to hearing ideas from the MDC localizers that are here to see what ideas they have to make things work better.  There are other things that should be interesting, too, of course — but that’s the big one for me.

I’m also looking forward to going back to the hotel and getting some sleep, but that’s my cold talking.

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  1. Polish team is waiting for MDC brainstorm :>

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