Jul 262007

My wife’s iMac is screwed up.  Again.  I’ve been a little busy dealing with that today, since the AppleCare expires in a little over a month and we’re therefore pretty desperate to get this dealt with promptly.  That tells you how long we’ve had it (just shy of 3 years now).

It’s already had the hard drive replaced (3 times).  The logic board replaced.  The power supply and inverter replaced.  New memory.  Now it’s crashing at random and failing SMART tests in TechTool Pro.

The person at Apple that Sarah’s been talking to apparently thinks the memory needs to be replaced.  There’s of course no way that bad memory can cause SMART errors, since those are errors reported directly by the hard disk.

Apple is supposed to call back in about an hour.  They want to know the final results of the TechTool Pro tests before they decide what to do next.  I don’t think the test results are relevant.  The fact is that some flaw with this machine — a heat-related problem would be my guess — is gradually destroying components over time, causing repeated and worsening failures.

After all these problems, it’s really time for Apple to own up and admit that this unit is a total lemon and to replace it.  With only a few weeks to go until the extended warranty expires, it’s the logical thing to do.  We’re quite convinced that even if they manage to make it work again, we’ll wind up with it failing again in a few more weeks or months, and then we’ll be screwed because the warranty’s gone.

Enough is enough.

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  1. I was under the impression that the AppleCare warranty worked for as long as a specific complaint was open: eg. if a hard drive fails on the last day of the warranty and it takes two days to diagnose it, it’s still covered. I could be wrong, but that’s how I understood it.

    Also, if this is one of the current set of iMacs (the all in one flat panels vs the R2-D2 models), I’m not surprised it’s a lemon. We’ve had those iMacs in the last two labs I’ve worked at and in both cases had issues with them, primarily in bad power supplies and over heating leading to immediate shutdown. Though they were both fixed after the first service call.

    ps. the frame around your form fields is really hard to see, especially the first 3.

  2. But… but… it runs OS X!!!

  3. It’s one of the very first generation iMac G5s, which is why it’s a lemon. The first batch they shipped were awful.

    The problem is that one time it’ll be a hard drive failing, the next it’s the logic board, and the next time it’s the power supply. Because of that, it’s been a separate incident each time.

    At any rate, Apple’s agreed to replace the machine with a brand new iMac Core 2 Duo system, so we’re satisfied.

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