Aug 062007

I’m the kind of guy that works by putting his head down, focusing specifically on the task or tasks at hand, and generally ignores everything else going on.  I know that there’s been quite the discussion ongoing about Thunderbird’s status and how to promote its future growth while extricating it from Mozilla’s day-to-day concerns (or something to that effect).

It’s not ignorance or disinterest, but a need on my part to stay on the sidelines of issues that don’t have a particularly enormous impact on my work.  I think that it’s pretty clear to everyone that something has to be done organizationally to make Thunderbird fly better and farther , but what it comes down to from my perspective is that moving Thunderbird out of Mozilla’s direct administration basically means that I don’t have to feel guilty anymore about not having time to write any documentation for it (which I have in the past).

I’m all in favor of less guilt for me.

Beyond that, though, I trust others to make the right decision (or at least one that’s not so wrong that the universe implodes).  That’s good enough for me.

So I continue to poke away at the documentation for Firefox, leaving that debate to others.

Last week I posted several new reference pages for various Places classes, and that work will continue this week and for the next few weeks, most likely.

In addition, Mark Finkle has been feverishly posting new documentation on the excellent new FUEL library that will ship as part of Firefox 3.  I’m quite excited about FUEL as it will make extension development easier and faster.  There are also unconfirmed reports that it will improve your love life, discover life on another planet, and get Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton out of the news.

We’re making great progress on the developer documentation for Firefox 3 — I’m also excited to see how many of the programmers, and other members of the community, are pitching in on the documentation at every level.   Thanks, all!

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