Aug 202007

So a while back, I made a backup of my wife’s old G5 iMac so that we could restore her files when we set her back up after the replacement arrived.

Ordinarily this would be great.  Except we had a power failure while I was out of town, and as a result, the drive I backed up onto got a little bit borked.

I ran a disk repair utility on it (DiskWarrior from Alsoft, to be specific), and everything seemed okay.  At a glance.

Unfortunately, things aren’t okay after all.

Apparently when DiskWarrior rebuilt the directory tree for the drive, it decided to randomly associate files and file names with one another, with no regard for, you know, whether or not they actually belong together.

Net result: around 70,000 files that have completely random filenames on them.

Unfortunately, it gets even worse.  I deleted a rather large folder full of (ostensibly) my files that I didn’t need anymore, in order to make room for some additional stuff.  In reality, that folder was probably full of tons of Sarah’s files.

So basically, to make a long story slightly shorter, we seem to have lost the vast majority of Sarah’s files, even though I carefully made a very thorough backup.

Bloody hell.

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