Aug 212007

We’ve got a test install of the Mozilla Developer Center web site running on our happy, speedy cluster, and we could use some help testing on it.  It should be tons faster than the old set-up, but before we throw the switch and make it official, we need some intrepid folks to use it for a while.  Do your edits on it, upload your files using it, and so forth.  Let me know if you run into any trouble, or file a ticket in Bugzilla if you’re sure it’s a problem.

Just keep in mind that this cluster-ized MDC is using the live database, so your edits are “for real!”

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  2 Responses to “Help test the cluster-ized, super speedy MDC!”

  1. How I see it as a user (from Europe) the problem is not the server performance but the bandwidth requirements due to overloaded graphical themes. At least for me the default theme and even the stripped down themes perform badly and loading pages takes fairly long. There is only a little bit of improvement with the cluster setup (about 5s in the mean vs ~7s in the standard MDC).

  2. Yes, fixing that is on the to-do list as well. The main advantage to moving MDC is that right now it clogs up very easily. Get a few people reading it at once and the entire site stops working. Dealing with the problems with the themes is near the top of the priority list, but we need to find someone to actually do the work.

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