Aug 232007

So I was in the process of upgrading some stuff on my web hosted sites when I needed to delete some stuff; I keep a copy of Bugzilla running for bug tracking stuff for my spare-time programming work, but hadn’t gotten around to re-installing it since migrating to a new web host a few months ago.  So I installed Bugzilla 3 only to find it just didn’t work right on this host.  So I decided to yank it and switch to Bugzilla 2, which I’ve had better luck with on more restrictive hosting services (such as the ones that cost you like $45/year).

So I went to delete the Bugzilla 3 install… but was in the wrong directory.

As a result, several of the sites I run got nuked.  I think I’ve gotten most of them set back up but there are residual problems (for example, the polls here on my blog are broken at the moment).

Good times.  Dork.

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