Sep 182007

The vast majority of the items on the Firefox 3 documentation plan have now been written up to my satisfaction, with only a couple of major items remaining incomplete.  We’re on a fabulous track to have complete Firefox 3 developer documentation done by the time we ship Firefox 3 beta 1.  That’s an even better position than we were in for Firefox 2, where we got the documentation completed by final release.

Now, having said that, it will hopefully incite the developers working on the project to finally mosey on over to the documentation plan and check to be sure that the stuff they’ve been sweating over for the past year or more is actually listed and slated to be documented.

To be specific: if the API or other stuff you’re working on is not listed on the documentation plan, it will not be documented!   Everything that I know of that needs documentation is on the list, which means if it’s not on the list, I don’t know about it.  And if I don’t know about it, it won’t be written about.

So this is pretty much your last call — if you’re working on something that needs documentation, and you actually want to see people know what you’ve been doing, now is the time!  Double check the documentation plan today!

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  8 Responses to “Firefox 3 documentation plan checkup time”

  1. SVG things missing.

    Additional implemented SVG filters feTile, feColorMatrix, feConvolveMatrix, feDistantLight, fePointLight, feDiffuseLighting, feSpecularLighting.

    Em and Ex units are supported (bug 305859)

    removeAttributeNS now resets DOM values to their default

    xml:space=”preserve” supported for text

  2. I wonder if all the dev-doc-needed bugs (>70 ATM) are still on the radar. Are they?

  3. They’re not on the doc plan, so no, they’re not on the radar. I suppose I should look at them, eh? :)

  4. Robert, thanks, I’ve gone ahead and documented those items. They’re the kinds of little things that are easier to just write about than actually put on the doc plan. :)

  5. CSS:ime-mode is not listed?

  6. I added a link to dev-doc-needed bugs to the documentation plan page. The whole point of creating those keywords was to create an easy way to get something on the documentation team radar.

  7. Theres nothing about Microformats in the documentation plan, although the bug is marked with dev-doc-needed bugs.

  8. Yeah, I messed up and didn’t actually scan through dev-doc-needed bugs and add them to the doc plan. I’m going to do that today and/or tomorrow.

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