Sep 202007

This week’s Friday 5 is thus:

  1. When were you the coldest you’ve ever been?
    When I was in, I think, high school, my family went up to Lake Tahoe for a day, and while we were there, we rented snowmobiles.  Well, I didn’t have my driver’s license along, so I had to sit on the back of one driven by my grandfather, and kept falling off the back of it.  Wound up with my legs completely soaking wet and caked with (and stuffed with) snow.  Once we finally got going, between the coldness of the air and the wind chill, that was pretty freaking cold!
  2. When were you the hottest you’ve ever been?
    Houston in August.  Oh. My. God.  110 degrees and 105% humidity.  Freakish.
  3. When were you the tiredest you’ve ever been?
    When I was working in the computer game industry, I once spent some 140 consecutive hours working essentially non-stop.  Started on Friday morning, worked straight through until Wednesday morning, trying to meet a deadline for a game where one of our key technology programmers had skipped town unannounced with his code in a non-functioning and non-compiling state.  By the time I got home at around noon on Wednesday, I was so tired I physically couldn’t sleep.
  4. When were you the most stressed you’ve ever been?
    See #3.
  5. When were you the dirtiest you’ve ever been?
    As a matter of personal preference, I avoid dirt.  I’m sure it was sometime when I was very young though.
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