Sep 202007

Another of my tasks for the coming weeks and months is to prioritize work on various pieces of our documentation, in terms of making improvements and ensuring that we have great translations into all the languages of our many community members.

So I thought I’d get some input from the community on this.

If for some reason you could only have three pieces of the documentation on the Mozilla Developer Center, what would they be?  For the purposes of this particular exercise (there will be more), let’s consider only existing documentation.

You don’t have to like the documents, you might even think they’re bad (in which case please tell us that you think so), but the idea here is to build a list of documents that we most need to ensure are of the highest quality and visibility.

So… which are your three?

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  4 Responses to “Ranking documentation: Importance”

  1. Hey sheppy,

    I’d argue that one of the most important pieces is the “Building an Extension” article ( ). Not only is add-on development a crucial part of building firefox to suit changing needs, but I think it’s a great way for new people to get involved with the codebase, without having to swallow it whole.

    I know that’s not 3, so I’ll let someone else suggest 5 to even things out. :)

  2. […] tell Sheppy which of the hundreds of documents on MDC you think are the most important, over in his blog post. posted 24 September 2007 @ 10:09 • tagged documentation, mozilla, […]

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