Sep 212007

My announcement the other day that we were almost done documenting Firefox 3 had exactly the desired effect: everyone took a look and sent me panicky emails telling me about things that weren’t on the documentation plan yet.  Excellent!

This is largely my fault, as I somehow completely forgot to consider the bugs tagged with the “dev-doc-needed” keyword in Bugzilla.  Fortunately, several of them are done already or already on the list of things still remaining to write up, and others are about relatively minor changes to things that have never been documented.

The plan for the Firefox 3 documentation is to document wholly new stuff in its entirety, update existing docs where available, and so forth.  If something has been changed in an API that has never been documented, it won’t be dealt with until all the other docs are finished.

Hopefully once Firefox 3 is out the door there will be some time to work on filling in those gaps.

There are only two or three major areas that got inadvertently left off the doc plan, including web-based protocol handlers and one or two others.  Now that they’re on my radar, they’ll be taken care of.  Fortunately, none of that stuff seems big enough to throw us off the track of having complete documentation by release.

In the meantime, most of the documentation I’ve been working on lately is relatively unglamorous despite its importance.  Lots of fairly minor tweaks in semi-random places.  Nothing particularly bloggable, hence my stretches of quiet lately.

But documentation will kick back into interesting territory as I start work on the XPCOM cycle collector stuff (although as I look at it, it looks closer to done than not) and Places, starting today or Monday.

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