Oct 312007

So I find that I mostly really like Spaces in Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard.”

However, there are a couple of things they could do that would make them rock even more:

First, it would be very cool if users with multiple screens could configure it to only flip one screen instead of all of them together.  That way, I could have my IRC, iChat, and Stickies on my external display while I flip from space to space on the iMac’s built-in display.  Sweet.

Second (and IMHO unnecessary if the previous option were implemented) would be the ability to specify windows (or apps) that are always visible in all spaces.  This isn’t as cool as the first option but would let me approximate that effect.

This would make Spaces a killer app for me, instead of just kind of handy like it is now.

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Oct 272007

My flight from Toronto to Chicago was delayed by an hour due to some kind of fuel-related snafu; we sat on the plane at the gate forever while they argued with the fuel people about something.  Apparently they did finally get the fuel, since we did eventually make it to Chicago.

My flight from Chicago to Knoxville, though, has been delayed twice now, and will now be departing most of an hour after I was originally supposed to land in Knoxville.  Assuming it doesn’t get delayed again.  So I’m sitting in O’Hare blogging in one workspace while playing WarCraft in another.  Thank goodness for wireless Internet access!

What I saw of FSOSS was excellent.  It’s a shame that I couldn’t experience more of it.  By early afternoon yesterday, I was feeling a little dizzy and unpleasant, so I decided I’d better duck back to my room and rest.  Only wound up attending three or four presentations, but the ones I saw were excellent.

Hopefully next time I go to a conference I’ll actually get to go to the conference.  Sigh.

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Oct 262007

Here’s this week’s Friday 5:

  1. Of peace, joy, love, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control, which are you most lacking?
  2. Of peace, joy, love, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control, which are you most blessed with?
  3. The Scout Law says that a scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Which of these are relative strengths for you?
  4. Which of the elements in the Scout Law are relative weaknesses for you?
    Thriftiness isn’t exactly my forte.
  5. If you were to create a list-type law, such as the Scout Law, for your occupation, what might it look like?
    Crazy, intelligent, literate, technically-savvy, and, um, heck, I dunno.
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Oct 262007

Now that WebRunner is Prism and is an actual Mozilla Labs project, I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes next.  I’m also looking forward to it running on an operating system I actually use, since currently it’s only running on Windows.  Mark Finkle says it’ll be on the Mac next week.  Sweet!

I’m a desktop-centric kind of guy, despite my affection for Firefox (and the Web in general) so stuff like Prism really excites me.  Making web apps blend better into my desktop ways of doing things is always a good thing.  I like the notion of having my data available online wherever I am, but like working in separate applications instead of in my browser.

There are two reasons for this preference, I think:

  1. Ideally, if one web app blows up and dies, I’d prefer it not take down every app I use. I think for that reason I’d actually prefer totally separate Prism instances for each web app.
  2. I can make better use of the operating system’s features for organizing my workspace.  From Spaces to the Dock, the more I can keep my apps apart, the easier it is to organize the way I work.

So I’m watching the Prism project with great interest.

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Oct 262007

Made it over to FSOSS today, thankfully.  The majority of the presentations I really wanted to see were yesterday (go figure), but still, there are a couple today I’m looking forward to, and of course there are people I want to bump into and talk to.  In particular, there’s a session on  analyzing participation in wiki projects that sounds like it applies directly to my work on the Mozilla Developer Center, which is potentially exciting.

The strange thing for me about events like this is that I get very enthusiastic to talk to people then totally fail to do so.  This is partly due to the semi-chaotic nature of these things, and partly due to social anxiety disorder, which leaves me hard-pressed to actually go up and start a conversation with people.  Not the best personality trait to have when your job involves having to deal with the public!

Still, being surrounded largely by fellow geeks makes it easier.

In other news, FedEx tells me that my copy of the Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” family pack is on a truck for delivery, so it’ll be waiting for me when I get home tomorrow.  Of course I already have it on my laptop here, but it’ll be nice to get the rest of the machines at home bumped up!

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Oct 262007

Unless something turns in the middle of the night, I think I’ll be good to go for attending FSOSS tomorrow.  Hopefully I can figure out how to get registered since registration was today.

Anyway, I’ve been able to eat successfully (not much, but a little) so that’s a good thing.  My only real concern is that since I spent most of today asleep I don’t know how much if any sleep I’ll get overnight…

Anyway, hope to see folks there tomorrow!

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Oct 252007

My daughter’s had an unfortunate stomach bug of some kind for a few days now.  Every time she eats, she winds up getting sick.  We joked before I left on this trip to Toronto for FSOSS that it would figure if I caught it and wound up sick up here.

Turns out that’s exactly what happened.  I feel quite under the weather.  I’m going to try to eat a light lunch (probably just some simple bread-like substance) and see what happens.  If it flares back up again, I’ll probably isolate myself for the duration of FSOSS — I’d hate to decimate the open source community by sharing this thing.  Ugh.

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Oct 232007

I’ve installed a plugin for my blog that automatically detects users on iPhones and the iPod touch, and switches to a nice iPod friendly theme for them.

I’ve also installed a plugin that makes the admin area iPhone friendly, which lets me post more easily on the go.

I hope to make good use of this while traveling to FSOSS tomorrow. Should be interesting.

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