Oct 022007

With the Firefox 3 documentation plan’s expressly-listed items mostly completed, I’m now plowing through the list of bugs marked with the “dev-doc-needed” keyword.  In the past few days I’ve knocked off around 10 of these, leaving (at present) 58 more.

Not all of them actually apply to Firefox 3, and some are actually about changes that have yet to be implemented.  Still, there are still around 45-50 bugs still requiring documentation changes.

It’s progress though.

I’m quite excited about how great the docs are coming together for Firefox 3.  There are a few key areas left to do but we’re in great shape.  By the time beta 1 goes out we should have most or all of the big topics documented (the big stuff still needing work is Places, JavaScript module loading, site-specific preferences, and microformats).

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